How To Buy Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine supplements are derived from periwinkle plant which is a biosynthetic supplement. The plant is used to cure many health issues from past decades. The plant contains more than 50 alkaloids and vinpocetine is one among them. Vinpocetine is considered in treatment of cognitive function and memory. According to researches, vinpocetine is considered effective in improving cognitive function than any other supplements. Vinpocetine is also known as cerebral vasodilator that increases blood flow to brain. The supplement does not affect other body parts with excessive blood supply and is precisely meant for brain.

Vinpocetine supplements are easily available in pharmacies with different manufacturing names. They can be purchased online too. It is used to treat individuals post stroke. The supplements of vinpocetine even locate blood cells in the brain which has very poor blood supply and helps increase blood flow to them. The supplements also enhance the amount of oxygen and glucose in the brain. Vinpocetine increases the production of adenosine tri phosphate or ATP in cells. The foods that we consume in the form of sugars or fats converts in to ATP which further help body’s primary functioning of cells.

The increase in production of ATP in brain enhances intellectual capacity of an individual and even makes them feel energized and improves mood. Vinpocetine also helps to transport nutrients and energy to the brain. Because of this, communication between neurons becomes easy. Vinpocetine effectively provides increase in memory, recalling past things become easy, learning capacity gets improved, attention span, concentration and focus.

Uses of vinpocetine

  • Vinpocetine supplements effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease by improving memory.
  • Used to treat hearing loss.
  • Vinpocetine supplements provide more mental energy and improve thoughts.
  • Dosages may vary from person to person according to purpose of their use.
  • Promotes circulation of blood and increases mental alertness.
  • Effective in treatment of cognitive decline.
  • Reduces natural inflammation and reduce head- aches.
  • Improves memory to some extent and enhances anti oxidant benefits.

Dosage of vinpocetine supplements

  • The vinpocetine benefits are obtained after long usage.
  • The supplements are consumed either in the form of oral pills and powders.
  • The safe dosage ranges between 5 mg to 60 mg per day.
  • Many users consume between 15mg to 30 mg and use three times a day in equal amounts.
  • While using to treat Alzheimer’s disease, dosage of vinpocetine ranges between 5 mg to 10 mg pills per day.
  • But according to many surveys, benefits are obtained maximum by consuming 30 mgs to 45 mgs per day for normal people.
  • Students tend to improve memory by consuming vinpocetine supplements to increase memory and the dosage ranges between 15 mgs to 30 mgs every day and the dosage can be increased to 45 mgs maximum during the time of examination.
  • To obtain maximum benefits, vinpocetine supplements should be used along with Gingko Biloba supplements.
  • In many cases, more than 45 mg dosage per day is not advisable and physician’s advice is necessary before considering using these supplements.

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